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Toxic dreams

Toxic Dreams is a company who will help you making your hobby your job. A job as a producer or a DJ is something many people want but won't achieve, but how comes? It's because of how deeply you want to become that DJ or producer. This is the point you prove how much effort you going to put in to it. When you definitely want to achieve something, you'll automatically put more effort in it. It's something you like to do in your spare time, but when you could make it your work, you would straight away. Because making money out of your hobby is absolutely the most beautiful thing there is. Here you need to put enough effort and time in it, because waiting until someone finds you and your talent is no option. It will cost you years to realize you could've spend that time so much better. So it is important you will work to make progress in your music carrier, and Toxic dreams can help you with that. Toxic dreams offers you multiple trainings about how to bring your productions and your career to the next level!

Music producer

Are you looking for another job, and you want to do something with music? Or are you already busy producing, but it is not going well? Then is Toxic dreams just the thing for you! I'll help you come further in your productions and I'll help you to create the right mindset. I've got over five years experience with FL Studio and I could learn you everything about it. I've done also a lot of making my own sounds with synthesizers, also called sound design. It is important you know what you want to accomplish, accept for making music. Some want it just as a hobby and others want to make a living out of it. That last one is something most people think they can only dream off, and would never accomplish. That is the biggest dept you could get in when it is about become greater in your music career. Most people quit when it is not working out immediately or they don't dare to focus entirely on there music, because they are scared they will wasted there time. But for everyone it is possible to make it with further in there musical career, it is just about how much you want it. Because when you want something it becomes a higher priority and you would put more time in it, and you would be prepared take more risks for it. That's why your mindset is one of the most important parts if you want to make it far in you music.


Everyday i work hard to make the newest products you can use to make your tracks. In the webshop you'll find different products, even free products.

There is a growing assortment of: presets, samples, music, video footage for in video-clips, on-line courses (video classes and trainings on skype).

Products from others

In this section you see products made by others.

You can use them for your new projects if you buy them. All of them are 100% royalty free!

These are company's i work with, for every purchase you do i get a small commission. Contact me if you want your products here!

€ 36,30

If you’re looking to grab an insane amount of super high quality content for a unbelievable price then you’ve come to the right place… This is our biggest pack EVER! Like the sound of adding 4.46GB of killer Tech House and Techno audio, MIDI, Presets, tutorial videos and production tips and tricks to your studio for a super affordable price.

€ 38,50

'Mix It Up Bundle: House Construction Kits' gives you 18 hot Construction Kits. This product is perfect for DJs and producers who are looking for the future sounds of Progressive and Electro House. Each Kit comes with a full mix, plus all individual elements broken out. This pack is inspired by top Complextro, Electro, and Progressive House DJs. Construction Kits are in a tempo range from 125 to 131 BPM. 

€ 31,90

101 extraordinary presets for Xfer Serum and 101 ground breaking presets for NI Massive, all which were expertly crafted to surpass the current creative boundaries. If you are looking for the ultimate futuristic soundset to spark your creativity plus giving you tune after tune, this is the ultimate pack for you!

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Fl studio

FL Studio is a DAW (digital audio workstation) that is my specialty and it is what I always use when I work on my music. I use FL Studio 12, I like it more then it's little brother FL Studio 11. I myself like the workflow, but that is probably because it is the DAW I've always used.


Are you not capable of mixing your track the right way? Is your mix for example not giving the right feelings that you were hoping of. Or do you not know what the plug-ins are doing exactly? Well then I can help you with that! Because you are the maker of your music, and you hear your songs a lot while producing them, it is hard to make a mix that is precisely what you want it to be. That is why it is wise to let someone else make a mix for you, cause he has never heard it before he will have a purer hearing to make your mix. You can also let the track be and work on a mix yourself in the future, but as a real producer you want to release your songs as soon as possible. Then you can work immediately on your new songs so you can show your creativity in your work. Even then it is a smart move to let somebody else make the mix of your songs.